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רַבִּי אוֹמֵר, אֵיזוֹהִי דֶרֶךְ יְשָׁרָה שֶׁיָּבֹר לוֹ הָאָדָם

Thoughts – Rabbi Ben Kurzer

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Top 5 Ways To Save Money This Pesach

Each year, many people wonder (with varying degrees of vehemence) why Pesach seems to be so expensive!  Everything from milk…

Three Years On From Brexit

The end of this month will mark three years since Britain left the EU yet the debates and disputes continue. …

Chanukah 5783 – Abridged Laws

Chanukah begins on Sunday evening, 18th December 2022. Our practice is for a husband and wife to fulfil their obligation…

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  • Remarkable Lessons from a Remarkable Life
    This past Shabbat, though it sounds sacrilegious for a rabbi to suggest, I had planned not to give a sermon. Yet on Thursday evening I realized that it was not possible to let Shabbat pass without saying a few words about the loss of our...
  • More than One Virus is Spreading: One Mask is not Enough
    The UK Government has now announced a new lockdown for, at least, the next four weeks.  Whether one agrees with the details of the various restrictions or feels there is a better approach to tackling the problem, everyone’s goal is undoubtedly the same: to stem...
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