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Gesher is an Ofsted Outstanding Independent Jewish All-Through Special School that offers children who are differently able and learn differently an exemplary and tailored education. It moved from its original location in Willesden to Pinner, opening its doors in September 2021.

“Ve’ahavta Lareach Ha’Kamocha”, which translates to “Love Thy Neighbour Like Yourself”, is the Jewish Value that underpins all aspects of both religious and secular learning at Gesher. The idea of treating others with the same level of respect, tolerance, love and kindness we would want shown to us lies at the heart of the school’s philosophy and translates to a wide range of teaching methods undertaken by the staff at Gesher.

Gesher ensures that each child’s needs are met through a whole and multi-therapeutic team approach with well-being and emotional health at the core. Gesher gives children the confidence and resilience to maximise their potential and flourish to the highest of their abilities. The school aims to work closely with families and Local Authorities to support the needs of each individual child. At Gesher, there is a rounded team of passionate educators who focus on a whole-child approach to ensure that the school meet the pupils’ needs. The specialist and experienced team comprise teachers, therapists, teaching assistants, and support staff, including their very own therapy dog ‘Toby’!

Staff work together in a multi-disciplinary approach to empower all learners to access the curriculum to their full potential and make good progress in all areas of their development. In the classroom, teachers plan multi-sensory lessons to support children’s learning styles, with an emphasis on their emotional well-being. As a team of educators, the faculty at Gesher believe that this specialised way of empowering young children to learn, be curious and navigate the world around sets them up for success.

Since before Gesher’s move to Pinner, there has been contact and engagement between the school and the Pinner Community.  A volunteer programme has been set up and a number of community members apply their skills and experiences across a wide range of activities.  Rabbi Kurzer is a regular visitor to Gesher and the school are organising a programme of activities with the shul.

For further information and for anyone that is interested in volunteering with Gesher School, please contact us.

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