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9 ways to create Achdut (togetherness) in 9 days:

Today marks the first of a period in Jewish history called the ‘9 days’. These days mark the beginning of the Jewish month of Av until the 9th Av. During these days many traumatic and difficult events happened to the Jewish people historically and in contemporary times. This culminates on the 9th Av – Tisha b’Av when we fast for 25 hours it marks the day of the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash (Temple) among other things. One reason we can reflect on is that these events happened due to a lack of unity and togetherness among the Jewish people. So how can we increase unity over the next 9 days?

Day 1: Thought Experiment

Think about a group within the Jewish community that you don’t think of positively – perhaps how they dress, act, communicate etc. let’s spend a minute thinking about 3 positive aspects of this group? What positive aspects do they bring to our nation? What similarities do we have? Thinking more positive thoughts about someone can influence how we interact with them…it starts with thoughts.

Rebbetzen Abi
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