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We are proud to have prominently displayed in our Shul the Memorial Board from the former Harrow Synagogue. It commemorates the eleven members of that Jewish community who gave their lives in the Second World War and its aftermath.

Having been displayed in the first Pinner Synagogue,  it was rededicated in the second Pinner Synagogue, which stands on the same site, on Remembrance Sunday 11 November 2012 – 26 Cheshvan 5773 in the presence of members of the families of those who are commemorated.

Reverend Solly Hooker 31 yrs שבתי בן ירחמיאל יונה הלוי
Simmon Latutin 28 yrs שמעון בן משה
Sgt. David Bernard Schneider 28 yrs דוד בן יהודה
Flight Sgt. Joseph Israel  Shaer 24 yrs יוסף בן שמואל יעקב
Flight Sgt. Sidney  Newton 23 yrs שלמה בן דב
Flight Sgt. David Isadore Cohen 22 yrs דוד בן יעקב
Sgt. Alfred Sandow 21 yrs אברהם בן היימן
Sgt. Bertram Max Frankal 29 yrs ברוך בן מנחם יהודה
Sgt. Hillier Field 32 yrs
Cpl. Harold Simmonds 45 yrs
Fus. Hyman Ruttman 33 yrs חיים בן זאב
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