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We are hugely indebted to those dedicated members of our community who have committed themselves to serve in honorary officer roles as Chair, Vice Chair, Warden, Financial Representative and more recently as Women’s Officer.

At Shavuot each year, the shul honours women who have made an outstanding contribution to our community.

N’shot Chayil 2023 – Judith Moore and Barbara Nelken
N’shot Chayil 2022 – Elizabeth Singer and Philippa Gerrard
N’shot Chayil 2021 – Vera Bernstein and Lynda Ruback

Click play below to view the recording of our virtual brunch in celebration of our N’shot Chayil 2021

N’shot Chayil 2020 – Ruth Freedman and Estelle Kaye
N’shot Chayil 2019 – Margery Cohen and Barbara Nicholls

At Simchat Torah each year, the shul honours two men, one as Chatan Torah and one as Chatan Bereishit.

There is a Pinner tradition that the Chatanim perform a short speech, sketch and/or song on the evening of Simchat Torah – a few recent examples can be viewed by clicking on the links below the board.

Chatanim 2022: David Cfas & David Zideman
Chatanim 2021: Rabbi Ben Kurzer & Gerald Isaac
Chatanim 2020 – David Taylor & Tony Glass
Chatanim 2019 – Howard Erdunast & Graham West
Chatanim 2018 – David Kaye & Ray Langford
Chatanim 2017 – Eli Bernstein & Norman Terret
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