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There are a large variety of exciting social and educational events and programmes for our youth (ages 11-18).

Bar and Bat Mitzvah programmes are available for our Bnei Mitzvah to explore their Jewish identities, learn more about the Mitzvot, and build lasting friendships with other Bnei mitzvah. Programme sessions are held regularly on Sunday mornings where we learn, bake, volunteer, decorate, discuss, and laugh as we celebrate the process of becoming adult members of the Jewish Community. Individual Bar and Bat Mitzvah lessons are also available to prepare the boys and girls for their big day.

Youth outings, such as to GoApe, or ice skating are arranged every term – unforgettable trips with fun and friends. Youth social events at the Shul, such as Pizza-Making, Baking, and Games Night take place throughout the year, usually scheduled around Jewish Holidays.

There are regular football games for our youth, at a nearby power-league, as well as the occasional, unmissable inter-Shul football tournament.

We have recently launched a Youth Volunteering Programme where the Youth will be invited to volunteer within the community, and for various local charities and organisations on weekends. This will provide an opportunity for our youth to do something meaningful whilst having a good time with friends.

Get in touch with Yonatan and Sara to find out more about our upcoming events!

Exam Time!

Just before exams began in May, every A-LEVEL and GCSE student received a little gift bag filled with goodies and gadgets, together with a good luck poem to see them through the exam season. About this initiative, the Community Directors said:

“We knew our youth doing GCSE’s and A-LEVELS would be preoccupied with their exams, so we wanted to be able to connect even in this busy time. Everyone knows GCSEs and A-LEVELS are a pretty big deal so we just wanted to give them all a bit of a boost and show our support.”


Yonatan and Sara invite all youth, aged 11+ to join the ‘we are charitABLE’ volunteering programme that started on Sunday 23rd January.

Each programme session is advertised individually beforehand.

Looking forward to having fun and making a difference, together.

To sign up for the next session and for information on how to earn “slices” please contact Yonatan and Sara

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