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Project Seed has been running at Pinner Shul for over 30 years. During that period we have been privileged to have the same teacher (Asher Sternlicht) who has provided us with a shiur on the weekly sedra, Yamim Tovim and related topics. Prior to Covid we were meeting every week on a Tuesday evening from 8.30pm – 9.30pm. During the pandemic, thanks to Philip Levy we maintained our learning via Zoom and we have recently reverted to meeting in-person.

What is remarkable is that Asher still manages to provide new and stimulating information every single year. In a recent fundraising event for Seed one of our regular attendees Alan Kleinman paid tribute to Asher as follows:

Over several years, Asher has shown his class at Pinner Shul dedication in providing us with interesting, thought provoking and meaningful topics. Asher is blessed with the gift of exuding an infectious enthusiasm irrespective of the subject matter which is always an encouragement for us to attend the following week for the next instalment.

A main feature of Asher’s shiurim is that he gives us the opportunity to participate in the dialogue by being permitted to interrupt him with questions even when he is in full flow. Asher responds without hesitation even though this must disrupt his thought process.

Asher’s simplified explanations reaches out to all levels of knowledge which helps to add more meaning and relevance to the subject being discussed thus enhancing our enjoyment of listening to him. This encouragement for everyone to participate makes even the most tentative of us feel comfortable in asking a question without feeling awkward.

In addition to the group that meets weekly, Project Seed also offers ‘one to one’ learning and they are happy to provide partners to learn at any level.

If you are interested, contact Robert Roston.

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