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Pinner Women's Learning & Discussion Group

The Pinner Women’s Learning and Discussion Group (PWL&DG) meets monthly at One Cecil Park, usually on the last Shabbat of the secular month, from 10.30am to 11.30am.

We have tackled some very wide-ranging topics including life in ancient Egypt, Anita Diamant’s ‘The Red Tent’, the Amidah, Tumah and Taharah, Miracles, the Seven Prophetesses, the Shoah and many more.  Topics often suggest themselves, related to the Jewish Year, the Parashah, or something controversial in the news, but are sometimes suggested by participants. We have also discussed various books – indeed, any topic that the women of the community (and the Rabbi) feel is appropriate.

Sometimes we are blessed with outside speakers, including Pnina Savery, Tanya White and Lindsay Simmonds.

Doreen Samuels remarked:

One week, we were about to learn about and discuss Mikveh. One woman suggested that she should not come as she had some very controversial views on Mikveh. ‘That’s EXACTLY why you should come!’ I reassured her – and she did.

Please do come and join us.  For further information, contact Doreen Samuels.

Open to ALL women and girls from 12 to 112 – no prior knowledge and no booking needed

27 August 2022: ‘Ellul – Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li’

Ellul, among other meanings, is the  acronym of ‘Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li’ – ‘I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine’.

Come and discuss Rosh Chodesh, Ellul, and what it all means for us in the lead up to Rosh Hashanah.

Feel free to bring any readings – poetry or prose – to share with us.

30 July 2022: ‘From 17th Tammuz to 9th Av’

Why is this one of the most severe periods of communal mourning, with a Fast at each end?’
What does the Beit HaMikdash mean to us today?

Do you have any thoughts about ‘The Three Weeks’?

How do you make it meaningful?

Can we use the opportunity to ‘wipe out’ the cause of our own selfdestruct mechanisms and make our world a
better place?

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