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Welfare – Pinner Care

Contact Karen via email welfare@pinnershul.org or call 07946 515 363

We care about our environment, we care about our community, but most of all, we care about you

We pride ourselves on our support to our community members, especially the most vulnerable. We have a team of trained volunteers who are in regular contact with our members, providing friendship, visits and practical support such as shopping and helping with travel.

We deliver food parcels and gifts to celebrate the festivals and try to ensure that there is an ongoing connection to the community – we want to avoid social isolation and loneliness and aim to be there for our members when they most need their community.

We encourage all members to join us for a regular catch-up on Thursday mornings online or in person at the synagogue for our weekly coffee morning.  As part of our welfare community work, we also aim to host community events such as summer tea parties and chanukah get togethers so keep an eye out for those events!

We provide regular meals for those in need and coordinate hospital visits as and when required. 

Bereavement support is on offer from our community and we provide further support and signposting to other charities via our website and through our Welfare Coordinator, Karen Kinsley, who supports and coordinates the team.

If there is any further information or help that you need, or alternatively, if you would like to be part of the team of volunteers, please contact Karen via email welfare@pinnershul.org or call 07946 515 363

Summer Tea – July 2022

“It was very nice seeing people we knew pre COVID and catching up with all the latest news…

We are very grateful for arranging transport…

The Rabbi was so very friendly and we were delighted to meet his family…

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