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We all like a good kiddush …

… and you can ensure that we have the very best!

Why not make an occasion, a celebration or a memory by sponsoring our weekly communal kiddush.

For further details, please contact Carolyn in the shul office on 020 8868 7204

Whisky Angels

Be an angel…. a Whisky Angel

We know how much many members enjoy a whisky at kiddush on Shabbat.  We know, because we can see how many glasses get drained.

We also know that whilst members are generous, our system for encouraging donations of whisky is largely ineffective.  The L’Chaim Club struggles to keep the cellars stocked.

Whilst we shall be delighted to continue to accept one-off donations of whisky, we have decided to look to change away from periodic requests in the weekly Shabbat email towards an ongoing, sustainable, low maintenance plan – we are asking you to become a Whisky Angel.

For further details, click here.

Winter 2022-3 – Hot Chulent Kiddush & Lunch

We are pleased to announce the return of our sit down cholent kiddush/lunch for Winter 2022-3.

These will take place on the following dates – please see weekly emails for booking details

12 November 2022
17 December 2022
7 January 2023
4 February 2023
18 March 2023
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