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There are a large variety of exciting social and educational events and programmes for our youth (ages 11-18).

Bar and Bat Mitzvah programmes are available for our Bnei Mitzvah to explore their Jewish identities, learn more about the Mitzvot, and build lasting friendships with other Bnei mitzvah. Programme sessions are held regularly on Sunday mornings where we learn, bake, volunteer, decorate, discuss, and laugh as we celebrate the process of becoming adult members of the Jewish Community. Individual Bar and Bat Mitzvah lessons are also available to prepare the boys and girls for their big day.

Youth outings, such as to GoApe, or ice skating are arranged every term – unforgettable trips with fun and friends. Youth social events at the Shul, such as Pizza-Making, Baking, and Games Night take place throughout the year, usually scheduled around Jewish Holidays.

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