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שבת שלום

The Honorary Officers welcome you and wish you Shabbat Shalom

Hebrew Date Sedra English Date
Shabbat 7 Sivan 5780 Shavuot - 2nd Day Saturday 30th May 2020

When describing the first day of Creation, the Torah states “there was evening and there was morning, ‘A’ first day”. Likewise, when describing the second day of creation it says, “there was evening and there was morning, ‘A’ second day” and so on for the third, fourth and fifth days of creation.

“And there was evening and there was morning, ‘THE’ sixth day.” (Bereshit 1:31)

When describing the sixth day, the letter “hey” meaning “the” is put in front of Shishi – six.

Why is there this emphasis on the Sixth Day?

Rashi quotes Our Sages who suggested that although Hashem finished creating the physical world on the sixth day, the spiritual element of the world was not complete until over 2000 years later when the Torah was given at Mount Sinai. They propose that as in the system of gematria, the letter hey is 5, it therefore signifies the 5 books of the Torah and that it was to be given and accepted on ‘the sixth day’ - the 6th day of Sivan (Shavuot).

Why was this point in the Creation process, chosen to refer to The Sixth Day of Sivan? This is right at the end of the creation and just before the first ever Shabbat, and an event over 2000 years later is being referenced! Why here? Why now?

Rashi provides an explanation that Hashem gave the world a condition right from the beginning of creation that he would endorse, maintain and help a world that would promise that there would be a nation ready and willing in time to arrive at that date on the Sixth Day Sivan over 2000 years later. Had there been no individual, such as Avraham and his descendants, who sought out and wanted to discover Hashem and then wanted to engage in His desires, the world would not have been worthy of being created. Hashem would have disengaged, aborting the creation, and returning the universe to less than nothing. There is no need for a world without direction and without those willing to receive directives. The Sixth Day of Sivan is when the Jewish Nation received and accepted the Torah and when the world received its reason for being and its permanency (Shir HaShirim Rabbah 1:9).

How was Hashem able to know in advance that there would be a Nation who would arrive in time for that date with destiny? What happened to free will? Hashem’s prescience doesn’t interfere with man’s ability to make a choice. Immediately prior to declaring the completion of a sixth day the Torah states, “G-d saw all that He had made and it was very good.” Perhaps Hashem peered deeply into the future in eager anticipation of “The Sixth Day”.

Based on an idea by Rabbi Label Lam

Written for the full and speedy Refua Shlema of Yaffa Adina bat Elka

Zoe Daniels

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