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Service Times

Erev Shavuot - 28th May

Yizkor 10.00am

Yizkor is traditionally said on the second day of Shavuot, Shabbat 30th May 2020. Yizkor does not require a minyan and Rabbi Kurzer encourages everyone to say the short personal paragraphs that include the names of our relatives on pages 4-7 of Yizkor Book at home this Thursday. Nevertheless, there is something special about connecting to one another as we remember our loved ones and so we are offering anyone who would like, to join to also recite the Yizkor prayers via Zoom. Details have been emailed to members in the Shabbat Email Shavuot.

Eruv Tavshilin (click here for an explanation "How do I make Eruv Tavshilin?")

Yom Tov begins 8.49pm (click here for an explanation of "What time does Shavuot begin?")

29th May

Shabbat begins between 7.26pm and 8.51pm

Light candles from an existing light

30th May

Yom Tov and Shabbat ends: 10.09pm

Havdallah with the Kurzers 10.30pm