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  • Metzora 2019

    In this week’s sedra, we learn that the metzora was required to go through a long process of healing and purification. As part of the process, he had to bring the sacrifices specified in the text: ”… two male lambs and one ewe lamb a year old, olive oil for a grain offering, and one log of oil” (Leviticus 14:10).

  • Metzora 5774

    This entire Sidra deals with a person who has, unfortunately, been afflicted with the serious disease of Tzara'at. In the second opening verse, the Torah says that the patient must be brought to the priest for examination.  In the following verse, it says that the priest went outside the camp to examine the symptoms of the disease and to see if the patient had recovered.

  • Metzora 2014

    Following Margery Cohen’s explanation last week of the state of Tame’ah impurity being the absence of Tahara – purity, let me try and connect this idea to this week’s sedra Metzora, which is often read as a double with Tazria.

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