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Divrei Torah

Weekly D'var Torah

Every Shabbat except on Yom Tov, in the Shul after Kiddush, a member of the community delivers a ten minute D’var Torah, usually based on the weekly Sedra.

Those who attend have found how very excellent the content and delivery almost always are. Whilst 20 years ago there were relatively few volunteers to give a D’var Torah, we now have over 40 people of both sexes who give the many who stay a most enjoyable, often amusing and educational experience.

We are always looking to add to our list of speakers so don’t be shy and let’s hear from you! Please contact the Shul office.

On this page can be found some of the many Divrei Torah given by members of the community. If you would like one of yours to appear please send it as a Word document to the Synagogue office.