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5-11 Service : A guide to the prayers & running the service

The 5-11 service is what it says on the tin; a service for the children aged 5-11. The service takes place every Shabbat, led by one of a group of volunteers on the children service rota.

Each week the service leaders will appoint 'wardens' to help with running the service, who will

  • bring their friends along
  • collect and return the siddurim from the bookcase
  • help chose the tunes for prayers.

The service is led using the new United Synagogue Children's siddur and follows the order below. The prayers listed in bold are ones that are the core of the service every week, with the others dependent on the time available.

Modeh Ani   1
Ma Tovu   3
Bracha for Tzitzit   3
Baruch She'amar   118
Shemah (1st paragraph, 3rd paragraph)   131
Quiz, Q&A, Story, Discussion    
Ashrei mp3 recording 157
Kiddush after the end of Shacharit 179
Musaf Amidah (first 3 brachot, Kedusha, U'Vyom, Oseh Shalom)   170
Aleinu   174
Anim Zemirot mp3 recording 175
Adon Olam   178


Songs for the service may include the following:

Shalom Aleichem download
Modeh Ani download
Ma Tovu download
Lecha Dodi download
Yigdal download
Eishet Chayil download
Shema (1st paragraph) download
Shema (3rd paragraph) download
Amidah repetition to Kedusha (Musaf) 1 download
Amidah repetition Kedusha (Musaf) 2 download