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Shabbat Times Explained

Submitted by rabbikurzer on 1 May 2020 - 2:24pm

What usually happens

At this time of year, as Shabbat gets later we would normally bring in Shabbat as a community at 7:15pm in order to have some semblance of an evening. When we accept Shabbat together in Shul as a community, that becomes the ideal time for everyone to begin Shabbat.

How things have changed

However, now that we are no longer coming together at a specific time, one can actually bring in Shabbat any time between early evening ("Plag HaMincha" in Hebrew) and just before sunset. This enables those who would like to start earlier to begin then or those who still have things to do (such as watching United Synagogue Kabbalat Shabbat live!) to start Shabbat slightly later.

So when does Shabbat actually begin?

Shabbat begins for each household either with candle-lighting or the conclusion of Kabbalat Shabbat prayers (Mizmor Shir on page 270).
Each week, on the Shabbat email, we will include the full range so that each family can make their own choice.
Whenever you choose to start, we hope that Shabbat brings you peace, joy and rejuvenation!