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Restarting Shul Services - Details

Details about Shul Services restarting for Weekdays and Shabbat are online here

Mid-week Shacharit and Mincha/Maariv services

We plan to start weekday services, morning and evening from 5th July. All services will be in the main Shul hall – men and women are welcome to attend.

  • The standard starting times of shacharit services will be as follows:
    • Sunday at 8.15am
    • Monday & Thursday at 6.50am
    • Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am
  • Mincha/Maariv will start at 8pm Sunday to Thursday.
  • Some small adjustments to the services will be made to reduce service length and any changes to start timings will be communicated well in advance.
  • Social distancing at 2 metres must be maintained at all times, on entering, whilst inside and on leaving the building.
  • Entrance to the building will be by keypad. It is recommended that members wear gloves to use the keypad. It is mandatory to use hand sanitiser, or to wash hands immediately on entering the building. Hand sanitiser should also be used before leaving the building.
  • The ritual washing station will not be available for use.
  • All attendees of weekday services are expected to use one siddur all the time (retaining in their locker or taking them home) or use their smart phone.
  • Zoom broadcasting of all weekday services will continue for those who cannot/do not want to attend in person in Shul.
  • WhatsApp groups for weekday services will be recut into the following:
    • Morning regulars
    • Evening regulars
    • ‘Irregulars’ who volunteer their availability to be called upon when there are expected to be insufficient numbers to have a minyan.

    Friday evening and Shabbat Minchah/Maariv services

    We plan to start Shabbat services from Friday evening 10th July. All services will be in the main Shul hall

    • Friday Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat will start during the summer/until further notice at 7.15pm (for those not intending to come to Shul, the United Synagogue will continue to broadcast an abbreviated Kabbalat Shabbat service on Facebook and You Tube)
    • You will need to register online for both Friday evening and Shabbat Minchah/Maariv services. Details of the registration service are below, in the section on Shabbat Morning service bookings. The booking window will be Sunday to Tuesday before each Shabbat.
    • Entrance to the building will be by keypad as above
    • Social distancing rules will be as above
    • The times for Shabbat Mincha will be posted each week in the shabbat leaflet.
    • Rabbi Kurzer will deliver a shiur between Mincha and Maariv.

    Shabbat Morning Service

    Our first Shabbat morning service will begin at 9.30am on 11th July. Shabbat morning is the cornerstone for many in the community and is the service where the largest number of members want to attend. Whilst no environment is completely risk-free, our Pinner-specific guidelines will allow us to be in Shul on Shabbat morning in as safe and secure a manner as is possible. Each member must ultimately make an individual choice as to whether or not they come to Shul, given the balance between the safety and security we can offer and your level of ‘risk taking’, taking account of your age, general health and any pre-existing health conditions.

    In order to help you with that decision, we now set out how you need to plan for the service and what you can expect when arriving at Shul, the service itself and your departure from the building. We will take you through each part in turn:


    Registering to attend a Shabbat morning service

    To attend the Shabbat morning service, you will need to register online:

    • For each Shabbat service the booking system will open from Sunday until Tuesday evening, in the week before the relevant Shabbat. Please make sure that everyone in each household that would like to attend makes a booking.
    • If there is a particular reason that you want to attend Shul (for a yahrzeit or a special celebration) this should be included in the booking details.
    • If you do not have access to the internet, then you can book by calling the Shul office. We will confirm attendance on the Thursday before each Shabbat.
    • In any instance where you find that you have booked a place but subsequently know in advance that you will not be able to attend after all, please email the Shul office as soon as possible so we can reallocate your space to someone else who may be on a waiting list.

    Arriving at Shul

    To enter the Shul building you must wear a face covering and keep it on at all times whilst in the building (unless you have specific medical reasons that you are unable to do so). You must also maintain a distance of 2 metres at all times throughout your time in the building.

    If you feel unwell on the day you are due to attend – in particular any fever or cough, or sudden loss of taste and smell, please do not attend and instead seek medical advice.

    • The seating has been arranged for 2-metre social distancing and, as you enter the building, move around and leave the building you must at all times retain this social distancing.
    • Doors will open at 9.15am with the service starting at 9.30am
    • To enter the building your name will be checked against the booking list.
    • Please only enter through the main entrance, and if there are people waiting, please try to keep a 2-metre distance while queueing to be admitted.
    • On entering at the main entrance hand sanitiser will be available which must be used before proceeding to the main Shul hall.
    • The cloakroom will remain closed in respect of leaving any items so in all instances, you must keep coats etc with you. (you will have a spare chair to use for your belongings)
    • Should you need to use the toilets you must use the hand sanitiser both before you enter and when you leave the toilet. A maximum of two people can use them at any time, ensuring that you maintain 2 metre distancing at all times.
    • Before leaving the toilet, you must thoroughly wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and you must use hand sanitiser once you have left the toilet before entering the main Shul hall. Our Medical Advisory Group have advised us that it is much safer to close the lid of the toilet before flushing to reduce the risk of aerosols of virus being created.

    Entering the Shul hall

    • For those who have not taken their own siddur from their locker or brought it with them, please take a siddur and chumash from the designated bookcase.
    • Men should bring their own tallit as communal tallit will be unavailable.
    • There are no reserved seats so please find one (there are two seats in each ‘place’, to allow you to put coats and books on the 2nd seat).
    • You need not wear gloves unless you are touching the Sefer Torah – only the person leining, Hagbah and Gelilah, will hold the Sefer Torah and those being called up will not touch the Sefer Torah. (We will provide gloves where these are required).
    • Please ensure that you keep your face covering on at all times

    The Service

    The service will start at 9.30am and the aim is to finish shortly after 11am

    • The service will start from Shochen Ad (Pesukei D’Zmira should be recited at home).
    • We expect to start leining from around 9.55am.
    • Everyone being called up will have been previously notified of the honour. They will be given a notice that tells them when they will be called up and the procedure for going up onto the bimah, reciting the brachot and returning to their seat.
    • There will be one communal misheberach at the end of the leining, one communal prayer for those who are unwell and one communal memorial prayer. All those receiving aliyot should ensure that they retain social distancing whilst moving around the Shul hall.
    • Those who lead the service will face the ark and will be 4 metres away from the nearest congregant. They will not wear face coverings, which will help the congregation to hear their voices.
    • The congregation will be wearing their face-covering with mouth and nose covered - responses to prayers as normally given by the congregation should be given but as per Government regulations, there should be no communal singing.
    • There will be no sermon, no announcements, nor will there be a dvar torah.
    • There will be no kiddush.
    • We aim that the service will finish after Musaph by around 11.00am/11.15am depending on the length of the sedra/haftorah, with the building vacated by 11.15am/11.30am

    Leaving The Service

    On finishing the service, congregants can prepare to leave the building, but only leave their seating area when asked to do so by stewards, as we aim to ensure the maintenance of the 2-metre distancing rule at all times.

    • Please leave siddurim and chumashim that are not yours on the seats. They will be returned to the appropriate bookcases by the caretakers.
    • Those wishing to replace something in their locker will depart by the main entrance doors.
    • Those with nothing to return to the lockers should leave by the doors at the back of Shul, leading to the back garden and then through the side gate next to 88 Marsh Road.
    • All members will need to use hand sanitisers before leaving the building.
    • As congregants leave, they must not linger and social distancing must be maintained at all time.