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Pre-Pesach Update

Click here for more information on Pesach Kashrut & Cleaning

Message from Rabbi Kurzer


I am sure you will have seen the note from the London Bet Din clarifying what products do not require a special 'Kasher LePesach' hechsher in the current extenuating circumstances. Click here to download. I am sure this will make things much easier this year and we are grateful to the Bet Din for this information and generally all they do to ensure we have a kosher Pesach.

In addition to this list, the Bet Din have very useful information on their website.

General Basic Pesach Cleaning Guide

As in all years, the goal of Pesach cleaning is twofold:

  1. to remove significant, edible chametz from our dwellings, and
  2. to remove all chametz from places which will have Pesach food. 

Particularly this year when most of us have less help than usual we should try not to get sucked into general spring cleaning and focus on specifically readying our homes for Pesach. That means that bedrooms, offices, living rooms, etc. do not need to be cleaned unless they will be used for eating or preparing food over Pesach. They should be searched to ensure that our secret stash of chocolate wafers/whiskey/etc. have been removed but it is not necessary to clean the carpet, curtain, ceiling fan, etc. (unless one intends to eat there!) The kitchen, dining room, etc. should be more extensively cleaned, kashered and covered where necessary as they will be used for Pesach food. A good simple guide to which utensils require kashering and how can be found here and you are welcome to reach out to me with specific questions.