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Main Service

On a regular Shabbat morning the main shul service begins at 9.30am. The end time varies but is usually between 11.45am and 12.15pm. We have a number of competent men who daven and leyen on a rota basis and the wardens would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to join either rota. The Haftarah may be read by a member by prior arrangement with the wardens. There is also a rota for Anim Zemirot and Ashrei and any boy interested in singing either is encouraged to join the rota. Tuition is available for those boys who want to learn.

"the service is musical and uplifting"

The community enjoys joining in the davening and the service is musical and uplifting.

The service is always followed by a kiddush in the adjoining Henry Jackson Centre and a Dvar Torah usually follows the kiddush back in the main shul.

A leaflet is produced every Shabbat which is emailed out to members and which appears on seats in shul. This details who is davening and who is doing the Haftarah, Ashrei and Anim Zemirot. It gives service times for that Shabbat and all the services during the following week with details of regular activities and forthcoming events. The sedra of the week is given with page numbers for the Artscroll and Hertz chumashim and a short sedra synopsis can be found on the front page.

A number of other publications are available in the foyer but congregants are encouraged not to take them away on Shabbat.

Service times for Yomim Tovim vary but should be on the website.