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Kiddush Rota

Everyone enjoys the Kiddush after Shabbat services - and we need MORE and NEW volunteers to help set it up. Click here for more details.

As you will know, the kiddushim that we all enjoy every Shabbat are set up, each week, by volunteers from our community. Many of these ladies & men have been members of our shul’s Kiddush rota for many years, some as long as 20 – 30 years, and cater the kiddushim for all your celebrations, occasions, simchas & chagim throughout the year.

As more long standing members of the rota stand down, we need new members to join so that we can maintain the numbers to keep up this wonderful tradition.

Both men & women are welcome to join, you will be allocated to a team and be required to give 1 to 2 hours of your time only once every approximately 4 months.

If you can join the rota, please contact Natalie Levy (email: / mobile: 07931 766886)