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Jewish Life

Pinner Synagogue is a strong and successful Jewish community, founded in 1940, operating under the auspices of the United Synagogue (US) since 1948.

The Rabbi and members of the community lead the services, with occasional guest Chazzanim. There is one Shabbat morning service, a range of children's services, a youth service  and a regular weekday Minyan.

Two wardens ensure the smooth running of the services in which the congregation is encouraged to actively participate.

Young boys in the community are encouraged to lead Ashrei and Anim Zemirot on a regular basis. Boys who wish to join the rota should speak to the wardens.

All Shabbat and some Yom Tov services are followed by a Kiddush in the adjoining Henry Jackson Centre.

We have had a number of very popular and successful Malava Malkas.

The Synagogue also has a Kaylim Mikveh available for use by members.