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Pinner Synagogue aims to provide education for all ages.

Adult Education provides a varied programme under the umbrella of plc

Our Cheder runs in association with the other North West London synagogues.


At the heart of Judaism is our Torah; Divine wisdom that has been distilled and passed down to us faithfully from generation to generation.  In Ethics of the Fathers we are taught "The world stands on three Pillars; Torah, Prayer and Loving-kindness". Torah education therefore must be at the forefront of our community.

Our sages compare the Torah to a number of foods and liquids, including bread, water and honey.

Bread, because the Torah in the mainstay of our spiritual diet. As with bread which nourishes our bodies daily, Torah is something that should nourish our minds also on a daily basis.

Water, because just as water always flows from a high place to a lower place, so too the Torah flows from the spritual realms to manifest itself in this physical world. Why? So that we can light up the darkness that exists in our world and transform our world to become a more Godly place. Water of course is also the symbol of purity and hence used for a Mikveh. By studying Torah concepts we 'purify our minds' and refine our personalities.

Finally, Torah is compared with honey which is a symbol of sweetness and pleasure. Because the source of our Torah is Divine, connecting with it brings immeasurable pleasure and delight to our souls that transcend anything we can possibly experience in the material world.

Rabbi D Bergson