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Certificate of Religious Practice 2019

Following judgment in the Supreme Court Jewish schools have to adopt a religious practice test for 2019-20 admissions. If your child is due to start school in 2019 and you are planning to apply to a Jewish School, please either download or email the office for the Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) form, and return it so that they can register their attendance at Shul and get the required points.

We understand that in some cases the schools will be asking you to complete a CRP, which includes verification of synagogue attendance.

We are therefore asking that everyone, whether a member or not, who wishes to have their attendance at synagogue verified for school admissions purposes complies with a set procedure (see below), which includes:

1. Pre-registration of attendance

2. Making oneself known to an authorised official when attending. You will be handed a personalised card which you will need to keep until the end of the service when you will be able to “post” it back in the box which we will provide.

Those requiring us to record attendance will be required to stay until the end of the service.

3. Receiving a signed CRP only if attendance has been verified.

Attendance will only be recorded on those Shabbats as detailed in the Schools' Admissions procedures and will not include any Yom Tov, including Yom Kippur.

This is a task that we would much rather we were not being asked to undertake. However, we wish to provide assistance to our Jewish schools as they have been placed in an incredibly difficult situation forced upon them, because, and only because, of the Supreme Court's decision. It is important therefore to point out that this process does not confirm Jewish status.

If you have any questions in relation to this process, please contact the Carolyn Abrahams, the Synagogue Administrator on 020 8868 7204 or email


Please also see the United Synagogue information on the CRP at