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Bnei Akiva

Bnei Akiva, founded in Israel in 1929, is the largest youth movement of religious Zionists in the world. It is active world-wide, with more than 150,000 members in 37 countries. It is a movement which meets every Shabbat afternoon all over London and the world.

"meets every Shabbat afternoon all over London and the world"

Each week fun and interesting programs are run by a team of experienced and enthusiastic madrichim, dedicated to providing an exciting afternoon full of games, activities and discussions with refreshments as well as being a place to socialize with friends on a Shabbat afternoon.

We also run events throughout the year ranging from our very successful Sukkah crawl to  supper quizzes and Chanukah parties. The highlight of the year however is the Shabbat Ha'Irgun, a huge event lasting the whole weekend, including a Friday night meal, Shabbat lunch, Seuda Shlishit and evening activities.

Pinner BA meets every Shabbat afternoon in the Henry Jackson Youth Centre for children in years 1-10 from 3. 00- 5.00 p.m (winter), 3.30-5.30 (summer) We always look forward to seeing new faces and invite you all to come along.  More information is available via the Synagogue office. 

What is the Shabbat Ha'Irgun?

Shabbat Ha'irgun is the pinnacle of the Bnei Akiva calendar as the chanichim get to understand what a Bnei Akiva Shabbat is like. The atmosphere is set with Kabbalat Shabbat davening in shul. Davening leads into Friday night dinner. We sing our hearts out, standing on chairs, learning new songs and of course the corresponding actions! All of this is followed by an Oneg, a session involving our favourite BA games!

The singing continues the following day at lunch, in between the starter, main course and dessert. Afterwards there is a specially prepared Shabbat meeting in which you learn about the particular theme of the week and then a song especially made for their group. This is usually followed by special Seuda Shlishit followed by mifkad. After Shabbat, Gimmel and Daled go straight off a great surprise tochnit, with Aleph and Bet's taking place on Sunday afternoon.

Basically, its an opportunity for all years of the community to get together, experience a great Shabbat atmosphere, show their community's atmosphere off to all of their friends from far and wide.

"Committed in providing a fun and Jewish environment"

Pinner B.A. this year

Although we may not be the largest sviva, with a dedicated tsevet showing enthusiasm, motivation and ruach we are committed in providing a fun and Jewish environment for all our chanichim in our own unique way! With many more events in the pipeline we are making every effort to continue the growth of Pinner BA.

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