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Our shul administrator is here to help you in the event of a bereavement.

  • If the Shul office is open (ring 020 8868 7204) the administrator will take relevant details from you and they will contact the Burial Society for you.
  • If the Shul office is closed please contact the Burial Society on 020 8950 7767. (If the Burial Society Offices are closed please call 07957 119 119. This service is not available on Shabbat or Yomtov.)
  • You will need to obtain a death certificate stating the cause of death and take the death certificate to the Registrar for Births and Deaths in the area where the death occurred.
  • Phone the Shul office or the Burial Office once you have the relevant documentation and you will be advised on the next step.
  • The Shul office works closely with the Burial Office in Bushey and you will be kept informed of all arrangements.
  • The Shul will provide you with shiva chairs and prayer books, a candle and a shiva meal after the funeral. The Shul office is here to help at this difficult time.

The two files below, with different versions of Kaddish for different occasions, may be useful to mourners

The Shul has a beautiful memorial board on which plaques may be placed to honour departed family members. Please contact the Shul office for more information.