Arba Minim – Succot 5784

No, you can’t use a banana!

For detailed laws regarding the Arba Minim, see here.

For any halachic questions you have related to Arba Minim, contact Rabbi Kurzer (07593 034381).

Collection Details

All orders will be available for collection at the shul after Maariv on Thursday evening (28th September) between 8.15pm and 9.30pm.

Your Order

Select a product and add to basket – you will be able to edit the number of sets on the following page.

Please note that all sets contain:

1 Etrog (graded according to the perception of the seller)
1 Lulav
2 Aravot (Willow branches)
3 Hadassim (Myrtle branches)

Grade A Set – £65

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Grade B Set – £50

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Grade C Set – £40

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Grade D Set – £30

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Environmentally friendly cardboard box – £2

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