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Service Times

      Morning Evening
Sunday  16th September 8.15am 9.45pm
Monday 17th September 6.50am 8.00pm
Tuesday 18th September - Selichot followed by Shacharit 6.45am  
    Mincha   1.30pm
    Yom Kippur, fast begins and candle lighting before. Kol Nidre   6.54pm
Wednesday 19th September Yom Kippur 8.00am  
    Shofar and Fast Ends. Ma'ariv   7.53pm
Thursday 20th September 6.45am 8.00pm
Friday 21st September 7.00am 7.00pm

Please see the cards distributed with the Community Magazine for detailed service times in each location for Yom Kippur.

      Morning Evening
Sunday  23rd September 8.15am  
    Festival Begins / candle lighting   6.42pm
    Mincha and Maariv   6.45pm
Monday 24th September Succot 9.30am  
    Mincha and Maariv   6.45pm
    1st Day ends / candle lighting for 2nd Day not before   7.16pm
Tuesday 25th September Succot 9.30am  
    Mincha followed by Shiur   6.45pm
    Yom Tov ends and Maariv   7.30pm
Wednesday 26th September 6.45am 8.00pm
Thursday 27th September 6.45am 8.00pm
Friday 28th September 6.45am 6.45pm