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Rabbi Bergson's Sermons

Induction Speech

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, Rabbanim, Mr Deputy Mayor, Our Member of Parliament Mr Nick Hurd, distinguished guests and members of the Pinner community.

Let me begin by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to our Chief Rabbi for coming today to induct me into office.  Our Chief Rabbi has been a great ambassador not only for the Jewish people for which we are eternally grateful but a moral voice to society at large. Chief Rabbi, you have inspired many towards greater moral sensitivity in a world crying out for direction.

Parshah Vayigash - 2011

This week my heart was bursting with diametrically opposed emotions. Let me explain:-

On the one hand my heart was filled with embarrassment and anger at reading the news of the outrageous and shameful behaviour displayed by some ‘so called ultra-orthodox’ men towards women in Bet Shemesh and in general towards anyone who does not share their absolutist puritanical view of Judaism.