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Pinner Synema : The Band's Visit

Sunday, December 2, 2018 - 7:30pm

Pinner Synema is back ... with an Israeli season

Films made in and/or about Israel

A comedy about an Egyptian police band scheduled to perform in Israel, who after taking the wrong bus find themselves stranded overnight in a quiet Israeli settlement.

As this is first night of Chanukah, refreshments will include doughnuts and commensurate with film title there will be live music.

Synema Snacks included

Tickets are £6

This heartwarming and poignant winner of the Cannes Film Festival is a witty story of strangers in a strange land. The eight men of the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra arrive in Israel from Egypt. They have been booked to play at the Arab Cultural Centre. When they take the wrong bus, the band members find themselves in a desolate Israeli village in the middle of nowhere. With no option other than to spend the night with the local residents, the two distinctly different cultures realize the universal bonds of love, music and life that unite them.

Written and directed by Eran Kolirin, the film received acclaim from critics and audiences, and was Israel’s Foreign Language Film submission for the Academy Awards. Unfortunately, it was rejected because over 50% of its dialogue was in English!

The Egyptians encounter the local Israelis, who respond with curiosity about the band, and are friendly and wary at the same time. Miscommunication is a constant motif, and whilst they converse in English, both the Egyptians and Israelis resort to their native tongues when it comes to confidential exchanges.

The band members dine at a small restaurant where the owner, Dina graciously finds them room and board for the night. What follows is a series of superficially minor events with major messages - that the two “enemies” are ordinary people with ordinary hopes, lives and disappointments.

Set against the vast desert landscape, this cross-cultural comedy proves that getting lost is sometimes the best way of finding yourself.