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Songs for the 5-8s Service

The 5-8 service is where our children learn a lot of the core Shabbat songs and prayers. The service takes place every Shabbat, led by one of a group of volunteers on the children service rota.

The service is led using the Tribe Siddur Yonah, and a number of songs from the service have been recorded for you to listen to.

Shalom Aleichem download
Modeh Ani download
Ma Tovu download
Lecha Dodi download
Yigdal download
Eishet Chayil download
Shema (1st paragraph) download
Shema (3rd paragraph) download
Amidah repetition to Kedusha (Musaf) 1 download
Amidah repetition Kedusha (Musaf) 2 download