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Sale of Chametz Form 2018

The 2018 Sale of Chametz Form is now available. Click here to find out more.

It is most important that all chametz is disposed of or sold before Passover.

Although the non-Jew usually sells it back after Passover, this is an entirely valid and legal sale. The chametz to be sold should be securely locked away in a room or cupboard, which will not be used over Pesach. It is customary to empower the local rabbi to sell one's chametz and to sign the rabbi's contract.

Rabbi Coten will be available to enable this sale.

It is preferable to give him the form directly and make a further sign of intention to appoint him a proxy for the sale. To make him the agent for the sale of your chametz via a kinyan (an additional Halachic method of acquisition), he will be at the Shul at 8.15 pm on Thursday 15th March.

If this is difficult, it is very much in order to simply fill in and email the form below to by 27th March.


Sale of Chametz Form - Pinner 2018